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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Blackie Chen Chien-Chou 陳建州 & Christine Fan 范范, 范玮琪 Perfect Wedding

Taiwan artist Blackie & Fan Fan in love for 10 years and had their perfect wedding on 7 May.

A simple and grand perfect wedding.

My love for you increase day by day, never change ... be able to marry you, this is my ten years of dreams every day

Blackie successfully proposed to Fan Fan at NBA basketball court last year. Sweet…

Fan Fan collude
Circus (Taiwan boy band) stole Blackie car’s key and sent his black car overhaul it for his birthday surprise on 2 May, funny and cute couple lol!

Blackie Chen Chien-Chou 陳建州 organized project Love Life charity.

Since 2009, the Love Life movement has benefited children with cancer through a drive to spread the message of loving one's life with the support of artiste and entertainers from Taiwan.

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