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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Calamansi/ Calamondin Lime Enzymes(Limau Kasturi Enzymes)青桔

Calamansi have very useful medicine use. I have gastric problem, when I eat not on time my sromach will fill with gas. After drinking a few times of calamansi Lime Enzymes, found out that it really relieve my stomach wind.

Benefits of calamansi :

Medicinal Use:

1. for shampooing the hair, or the fruit juice applied to the scalp after shampooing. It eliminates itching and promotes hair growth.

2. Rubbing calamondin juice on insect bites banishes the itching and irritation

3. It bleaches freckles and helps to clear up acne vulgaris and pruritus vulvae. It is taken orally as a cough remedy and antiphlogistic
4. lightly diluted and drunk warm, it serves as a laxative
5. Combined with pepper, it is prescribed in Malaya to expel phlegm.
6. The root enters into a treatment given at childbirth
7. The distilled oil of the leaves serves as a carminative with more potency than peppermint oil. The volatile oil content of the leaves is 0.90% to 1.06%

Food Uses:

1. Calamondin halves or quarters may be served with iced tea, seafood and meats, to be squeezed for the acid juice

2. Some people boil the sliced fruits with cranberries to make a tart sauce

3. Calamondins are also preserved whole in sugar sirup, or made into sweet pickles, or marmalade

4. Whole fruits, fried in coconut oil with various seasonings, are eaten with curry

5. The juice is primarily valued for making acid beverages

6. t is often employed like lime or lemon juice to make gelatin salads or desserts, custard pie or chiffon pie

7. In the Philippines, the extracted juice, with the addition of gum tragacanth as an emulsifier, is pasteurized and bottled commercially

    How to make Calamansi Lime Enzymes

    Calamansi can be bought at Hypermarket. Calamansi Lime Enzymes is very easy to make just like making fruits enzymes.

    Material : Green calamansi, glass jar, coarse salt (organic/ hypermarket) or honey/ sugar

    Glass jar can be any size, calamansi and coarse salt quantity depends on the glass jar size.

    Rinse the calamansi and let it dry naturally and make sure it dry enough. Make sure the glass jar is dry too.

    First step pour coarse salt into the glass jar for 1 layer roughly half to 1 inch and pour calamansi 1 layer alternately, full or half jar is up to you.

    Let it ferments until the calamansi ripen or color turned yellow and ready to be served.

    Make sure your spoon is dry when you take it. It is only for temporary relief, better consult a doctor if illness continues.

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